Architectural & Interior Design Services

Why Is Architecture Important?

Architecture shapes our lives, influenced by culture, economics, environment, technology, and art. From simple shelters to community-focused structures, architects consider individual needs and benefit the larger community. While basic buildings solve problems, architects use knowledge and intention to create aesthetically appealing and long-lasting spaces. They bring value by organizing, optimizing efficiency, and reducing costs through appropriate materials and planning. Having an architect as a representative assures you receive the expected final product. At Marlon Lynn Architect, PA, we understand the significance of architecture in creating inspiring and functional spaces. Partner with us to experience the transformative power of architecture for your project.

What Do Architects Do?

Architects play multifaceted roles depending on the perspective of the inquirer, such as contractors, owners, bankers, attorneys, and consultants. They oversee the entire construction process and take on various responsibilities.

Clients rely on architects’ expertise to ask pertinent questions, establish project goals, and bring their vision to life while safeguarding their interests and ensuring fair financial execution. Architects often act as mediators, defusing minor issues that may escalate in high-value projects.

Leading a team of professionals, architects design spaces that are both enjoyable and meaningful. Their projects range from small residential renovations to large-scale industrial endeavors.

At Marlon Lynn Architect, PA, our architects excel at guiding you through the entire architectural process, offering expertise and creativity to design spaces that meet your needs and aspirations. Partner with us to experience the expertise and dedication of our architectural team.

What Do Architects Provide?

Architects go beyond the movie portrayal of handing over drawings or models. While those are tools for communication, the real value architects provide is far greater. They draw on their experience to guide projects away from risks and provide thoughtful design integration into construction documents. Architects play a crucial role in guiding owners through each step of the construction process, ensuring informed decision-making. Detailed construction drawings and 3D renderings help stakeholders visualize the end product. The scope of architectural services varies based on project complexity and client needs, whether it’s commercial or residential design.

At Marlon Lynn Architect, PA, we offer comprehensive architectural services tailored to the unique requirements of each project. Our experienced team excels in providing guidance, translating design ideas into construction documents, and fostering clear communication throughout the construction process. Partner with us to benefit from our expertise and create successful, well-crafted projects.

Specialized Project Types

  • Religious
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Multi-family
  • Residential
  • Retail

Project Condition Types

  • New construction
  • Addition to existing conditions
  • Interior renovation

Design Process

Every architectural project is unique and we have to adapt our work to maximize the success of each individual project. Below is a simple breakdown from when the project starts as an idea in Step # 1 and becomes a finished project in Step # 4.

Client Consultation – Determine project needs, wants and goals Analysis of Existing Conditions Feasibility Studies Programming Master Planning 3D Rendering Preliminary code review Existing Building Records – “As Built” Documentation Scheduling and Campus Phasing Budget Analysis and Construction Cost Assistance Freezer and Refrigeration Facilities Design LEED Building Design and Certification project management Historic Preservation Building Commissioning Facilities Management Analysis & Life Cycle Cost Sustainability Consultation Medical Office & MRI Center Design.

Lease Outline Drawing with Matterport 3D Photography

A Lease Outline Drawing, is an accurate drawing of the floor plan of a tenant leased space or facility. It defines the limits of the leased premises and serves as the blueprint for the tenant to design their newly rented space. These drawings also provide you with the assurance that your leased property follows any government regulations regarding space and access.

Client Consultation – Meet with owner/representative to clarify consultant requirements. Design coordination – (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical) Architectural Design Development drawings and documents Cross reference SD design with MEP requirements. Review design for code compliance. Coordinate preliminary project cost between A/E and general contractor Coordinate lighting package with client/ Lighting Representative & Electrical engineer

Review and incorporate client-supplied data for coordination Project coordination with design consultants Working drawings, form of construction contract and specifications Document checking and coordination Review design for code compliance. Prepare drawings for permitting. Sign and seal construction documents for permitting. Coordinate modification of construction drawings as required to resolve plans review comments.

Visit construction site upon request to resolve construction questions. Respond to contractor and sub-contractor requests for information. Respond to building department questions. Review product submittals. Review contractor’s pay requests. Post Occupancy Evaluation

Customer Testimonial

I’ve worked with Marlon Lynn Architect, PA many times over more than a decade. They’ve produced quality work for both large and small projects, and at a low cost. Marlon and his team are friendly and anxious to please. Without reservation, I recommend Marlon Lynn Architect, PA for all your construction planning.