Private Project 6 | Residential

Lakeland, FL

Addition to Existing

On this project our client wanted to update their existing front facade. Old facade only provided a major point of entrance to the existing home. This home sits in front of an amazing Lake view and we wanted to take advantage of that view. Therefore, we proposed to bring the back porch idea to the front. At the same time we wanted to bring a fresher look to the existing facade as whole.

Project Details:

  • Architect: Marlon D. Lynn
  • Sr. Project Manager: Tony Hutchison
  • Contractor: Rudy Brown

Customer Testimonial

I’ve worked with Marlon Lynn Architect, PA many times over more than a decade. They’ve produced quality work for both large and small projects, and at a low cost. Marlon and his team are friendly and anxious to please. Without reservation, I recommend Marlon Lynn Architect, PA for all your construction planning.